Leven CE (VC) Primary School

Enriching Life through Learning

New Staff

Welcome to:

Miss Duke in Foundation Stage

Miss Priestley in Year 1

Mr Turner in Year 2

Mrs Black as a Lunchtime assistant

Mrs Nicholls as a Nursery NUrse

Miss Liddle as a TA

Mrs Lines as a TA

Miss Havercroft as a TA

Thank You

Mrs Morrison

We would like to say thank you to Mrs Morrison and wish her all the best in her new role at Hornsea Community Primary School.

The Current staffing at the school is as follows;


Mr A Dolman  - Headteacher /  Designated teacher for Looked after children/ Mentor for Students / Child Protection Coordinator (Teaches computing to Years 1 and 3) / Religious Education Coordinator

Mrs J McMahon - Year 3 Teacher / English Coordinator / Member of the Senior Management Team

Miss R Hutchinson - Year 4 Teacher / Mathematics Coordinator / Physical Education and PSHCE Coordinator / Member of the Senior Management Team

Miss A Priestley - Year 1 Teacher / Special Educational Needs Coordinator / Gifted and Talented Coordinator / Member of the Senior Management Team

Mrs H Rowland - Year 2 Teacher / Foundation Stage Key Stage 1 Manager / History and Geography Coordinator / Member of the Senior Management Team

Mr Turner - Year 2 (Monday morning and Friday)

Mr T Collinson - Year 6 Teacher / Science and Design Technology Coordinator / Modern Foreign Languages Coordinator

Mrs N Dobson - Foundation Stage Year 1 Teacher / Arts Coordinator (Drama, Music, Dance, Art) - Currently on maternity leave.

Miss A Trow - Year 5 Teacher / Computer Education Coordinator

Miss L Duke - Foundation Stage Teacher



Mr Williams - PE Coach (Wednesday and Friday)

Mr Walker - Science and Music (Wednesday)

Mrs Tennison - French and RE (Friday)



Mrs N Woolsey - Nursery Nurse

Mrs M Nicholls - Nursery Nurse

Mrs M Beckett - Teaching Assistant 

Mrs C Williamson - Teaching Assistant / School Council Facilitator / Library Coordinator

Mrs L Watson - Teaching Assistant

Mrs P Hardy - Teaching Assistant

Mrs D Turton - Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Walton - Teaching Assistant

Mrs M McGill - Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Lines - Teaching Assistant

Miss S Havercroft - Teaching Assistant

Miss Z Liddle - Teaching Assistant



Mrs A Tennison - Advanced Skills School Business Manager / Member of the Senior Management Team

Mrs E Westcott - Admin Officer

Mrs J Walton -  Midday Supervisor

Mr P Johnson - Caretaker / Midday Supervisor

Mrs H Northern - Senior Midday Supervisor

Mrs D Black - Midday Supervisor

Mrs R Mattock - Midday Supervisor

Mrs J Gillatt - Midday Supervisor

Mrs E Hobson - Cook

Miss S Brunetti - Kitchen Assistant


Mr M Brown - Special Educational Needs Consultant

Mrs S Wright - Educational Welfare Officer

Dr Caroline Casey - Educational Psychologist

Music Box - Peripatetic music tuition

Mr D Gawthorpe - School Improvement Partner

Mrs Sue Griffiths - School Improvement Partner

Mrs Jane Christie - School Nurse

We also have regular contact with Social Workers from both Hull and the East Riding, Educational Psychologists, Speech Therapists, The School Nurse, Behaviour Support Teachers, Dental Educators (Bus Brush) and Local Authority Advisors.