Leven CE (VC) Primary School

Enriching Life through Learning

We have one Local Authority Governor.

We currently have no vacancies.


Mrs Judy Dickinson (Early Years and Key Stage 1)


As a secondary school teacher, first at Hornsea, then Greatfield School in Hull and later at Wyke and Wilberforce Sixth Form Colleges education has always been my major interest.  As a great believer in children attending their local school, my girls went to Leven and then on to Hornsea. 

The local authority appointed me as governor of Leven School some time ago and I later became the chair of the governing body during the period when Murray Wiles (our present chair) was the headteacher. I have been there ever since and watched the school develop in all areas. Over the years the workload of teachers has become more and more stressful due to constant changes in government policies. It is part of our job as governors to try to ensure that our teachers and support staff have a good work-life balance. 

My particular role is to monitor Key Stage 1 and in particular the Foundation Class which I enjoy enormously. To watch these very small children develop into confident youngsters as they go through the school is very rewarding.